Behind the scenes of a trade fair there is an impressive logistical work process where perfect timing is crucial in order that each company can present itself at an international level with a perfect stand, and therefore, image. For more than 30 years, Interexpo Shipping has faced the challenge of efficiently getting its customers’ products to their destinations all over the world, by means of specific value-added services for fairs and exhibitions.

Means of Transport

Road, air or sea? Each means offers particular advantages depending on your goods, speed and space required. Interexpo is able to modulate and organize any form of transportation to fairs and exhibition events around the world, with an efficient, personalized “door to door” service, assistance throughout the programming phases, preparation of the documentation and presence on site during the event.

Road Transport

The overland freight transport service represents the principal means used to deliver clients’ goods and equipment to the various European trade fairs.
With hundreds of vehicles on the road every year and a team of experienced professionals in the sector, Interexpo provides ad hoc solutions by evaluating the size and type of shipment, packaging, destination and schedule.


Interexpo Shipping has always offered a system of Groupage transport to its customers, allowing them to benefit from significant economic savings, without ever having to renounce a service of the highest quality, carefully planned and controlled at every stage.
Suitable for those who need to ship a small volume of goods, without taking up a whole vehicle exclusively for themselves
Groupage Is an excellent, flexible and advantageous haulage option.

Heavy Loads

Do you wish to send goods of a particular dimension to faraway or “awkward” destinations?
Accompanying you through every phase from the transport, design and feasibility analysis, to any special packaging, and delivery, Interexpo Shipping has the means suitable for all load sizes in order to provide the best and most suitable service for your needs.

Maritime Shipments

Thanks to our collaborations with the main maritime carriers and consolidators, both Italian and foreign, Interexpo Shipping offers ad hoc solutions for all types of cargo and goods, from picking up the goods at the customer’s warehouse to organizing them on the stand at the fair to dismantling and returning them, from single packages to full loads, to and from any port in the world.

Air Shipments

Interexpo Shipping operates with all the major air carriers to destinations around the world, offering an efficient, punctual and high quality service both for consolidated air shipments and for IATA shipments, including bureaucratic assistance for all necessary customs procedures.


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