Trasporto fiere via mare

Shipping by sea is more economical than by air when the volume of the goods exceeds 2 cubic metres.

We are specialized in the maritime transport of every type of goods. With thirty years of experience in maritime transport, our specialists are able to meet the needs of any type of customer.

We ship goods in containers, on conventional ships, RO-RO ships, for small and medium quantities we also use groupage transport services by charging for the fraction of the containers used.

Shipments are managed according to the conditions of sale, Free On Board, Cost, Insurance and Freight, i.f., Cost and Freight, door to door.

The dimensions and weight of the goods are not a problem for us, we ship large oversized machinery that exceeds weight limits.

If necessary, we also provide packaging in crates, cages, and anti-humidity protection by means of barrier bags.

All machinery, rolling stock is prepared by us for boarding in our terminals, for boarding on ro-ro ships or containerizing the goods in container boxes or for oversized goods by raising them on flat containers, platforms, mobile loading platforms, or flat racks, platforms with protection barriers.

Lashing is a fundamental operation in the shipment of large machinery, in effect, during maritime transport the freight can be subjected to strong mechanical stresses caused by the roll of the ship and the adverse sea conditions that the ship may encounter en route, therefore, depending on the weight, the measurements of the centre of gravity of the machinery, we raise it using special bands, or chains with tie rods, and when necessary, we carry out special welding and bundling in order to secure the load to the ship or to the  containers.

In maritime transport, the experience and expertise of the shipping agents is fundamental, in fact it is not only important to agree to the most competitively priced transport contract, but it is equally essential to be sure that you can rely on companies like ours that pride themselves in over ten years of experience in international freight transportation, in effect, international maritime traffic can run into unexpected problems which could invalidate the successful completion of the shipment, that is, damage to goods, damage to the ship, customs problems in the countries of departure and arrival of the goods.  It is therefore necessary that those who manage the shipment have the necessary experience to intervene quickly and resolve any problems that may arise.  Interexpo Shipping has the ability to intervene in real time in the customs, logistics and legal fields, always and in all ports of the world.

The transit time according to the different routes varies from:

  • 2–15 days for routes across the Mediterranean Sea

  • 15–30 days for routes across the Indian Ocean

  • 20–40 days for routes across the Atlantic Ocean

  • 10–20 days for routes across the Pacific Ocean

Interexpo shipping Srl maintains excellent contacts with most of the main Italian and foreign shipowners, we are always updated on the sea freight market, in order to trade and offer our customers competitive container sea freight quotes.

We embark your goods from the main ports such as:

Civitavecchia, Genoa, Gioia tauro, La Spezia, Livorno, Naples, Ravenna, Savona, Salerno, Trieste, Venice, Ancona.

We also serve other ports among which:

Brindisi, Chioggia, Carrara, Catania, Cagliari, Monfalcone, Taranto, Palermo, Porto Torres, Porto Nogaro.

We load the goods on full container ships, conventional ships, ferry ships, multipurpose ships, lift on- lift off ships and tankers.

Vehicles are shipped on ro-ro ships or container ships.

We transport, ship and handle machinery, plant engineering, earth-moving equipment, cars, liquids, dry loads, dangerous goods, perishable goods, spare parts for oil rigs, clothing and food products.

We transport the goods from one building site to another, door to door.


Trasporto fiera VIA AEREO

We manage air transport of every category of goods via all airports worldwide, ensuring a fast and secure service. We offer direct door-to-door and consolidated cargo transport by air from any airport to any destination in the world, of every commodity and dimension.

Through our air shipment service, we provide a punctual, quick and safe delivery of your goods throughout the whole world.

The experience and professionalism gained over time in this field allow us to offer a personalized, secure and flexible solution for any air freight transport.

Interexpo Shipping Srl offers a worldwide capillary network of air transport of every size, weight and typology of goods.

Entrust us with your international deliveries by air: we will take care of the rest. For us, customer satisfaction is very important: we guarantee punctual delivery of goods and we are able to satisfy any type of transport request from and to all over the world.

We plan every single phase of your international air shipments: from the sender to the recipient, we take care of the bureaucratic management of the air transportation at 360 degrees, including all customs procedures.